Consistency is Key and You Should Make it a Priority

Make Staying Consistent For Goals a Priority in 2021

It’s no secret that consistency is key when achieving any type of long term success. Nonetheless staying consistent for goals is an oft abandoned quality that remains necessarily for producing results.

It’s safe to say that being consistent is a great separator of sorts. In many cases faithfully continuing in your efforts can be the difference between reaching your goals or falling short.

It’s the start of 2021, and that means new year resolutions are in full effect. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why you should prioritize consistency for success for in 2021 and beyond.

Consistency is Key in Staying on Track

As a matter of growth consistency helps in the process of building routines, establishing patterns and creating healthy habits over time. Whether tackling a new year’s resolution or a new idea, repeatedly producing incremental results toward a long term goal is instrumental for staying on track, continued motivation and ultimately overall success.

If the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then the miles traveled are the culmination of putting one foot in front of the other time and time again. More importantly continuing to do so even when faced with adversity, an idea expressed by the mantra “do it now, do it again, do it often.“.

While consistency is key to staying on track, also keep pacing in mind. Move too fast and you may suffer burnout doing more than you can handle. Moving too slow could cause an unhealthy dose of the “what the hell” effect if setbacks toward goals outpaces progress.

While it’s good to be great, excellence is often achieved by average individuals who simply keep on keeping on. Consistency for success drives us to do just that.

Consistency is Key in Building Trust

Maintain Consistent Patterns As
Part of Your New Year Efforts With a Smile

Trust building is necessary not only with others, but more importantly with ourselves. Staying consistent with goals helps establish that trust by building confidence in our own capabilities.

The proportionate relationship between trust and consistency is evident everywhere. Trust is often developed or diminished when interpreting meaning from the patterns and constants we present to ourselves and to the world. The more we remain consistent in those patterns and constants, the higher the confidence held they’ll continue further into the future.

Luckily we have the power to either reinforce or change those trends, and often times consistency for success requires no less. As a result, we have recurring opportunities to prove to ourselves and others both who we are, and who we’re truly capable of being.

Consistency is Key For Being Held Accountable

Minimum standards are foundational when explaining why consistency is key in the area of accountability. Without them, it would be difficult to define what’s acceptable or measure success.

Maintaining these standards inherently creates consistency by establishing a floor for expected performance. Naturally, as we become capable of doing more, the bottom floor of expectation rises with it. Of course when results falls below wherever the floor exists, we can and should expect a corresponding reaction from those it affects.

Fitness goals remain a prime example of why consistency is important in the area of accountability. If you hire a personal trainer to help you plan and meet your goals, you can certainly expect to be called out if you start slacking off in the gym or in the kitchen .

Practically speaking, better outcomes can be expected when marrying accountability and staying consistent with goals. Unfortunately, many of us succumb to the temptation of divorcing the two out of a sense of convenience. Ultimately you’ll often find unnecessary setbacks, or in a worse case scenario, total abandonment of goals altogether when doing so.

Consistency for success may come as a non-negotiable for some and an achilles heel for others. If you find yourself leaning toward the latter, take the challenge this year of doing an activity for a consecutive number of days. Chances are your efforts may show you’re a more capable person than you give yourself credit for. Work hard, and remember consistency is key!



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