The HWELness Story

First off, thank you for visiting! I am David Conover (pronounced “kahn-oh-veur“), blogger, husband, lifestyle advocate, and inspiration facilitator based in Marin County, CA. I started the HWEL (pronounced “well”) platform to inspire others to look behind the curtain of the dreams they chase, and to empower them to face everything they see head on.

The acronym H.W.E.L. came to life in 2013 as a reminder for these two principles:

  1. Hard work and meaningful success go hand in hand.
  2. You have a right to enjoy both your work, and the fruits of your labor.

These principles took center stage as part of the eight year journey it took for me to finish college. After high school concluded in 2004, life was turned upside down and inside out following an abrupt eviction in 2005 that landed me into homelessness and nearly forced a stop to my pursuit of post-secondary education.

With no car and very little money, I began a journey balancing my time and resources between making a living working retail sales jobs in the Bay Area and putting myself through college. Slowly but surely, I transitioned from being a broke, barely out of high school student to a young man navigating a new career path post college. From the highs and lows mentally, physically, emotionally and financially, the acronym H.W.E.L. was born.


My journey starts in Rochester, NY and has taken me across the country to with stints in San Jose, CA and Northridge, CA where I earned a B.S. in Marketing from Cal State University Northridge (Go Matadors!). Professionally, I am a communications specialist who has discovered his passion for content writing and creation to craft meaningful stories. When I’m not discovering new ways to better my sense of self and my knowledge base, I’m feeding my enthusiasm of all things wisdom, motivation, fitness, food, travel and sneakers.

The “DC” portion of my moniker are my initials (simple enough right!). Now for the “EASY” part. A lifetime ago, I used to write raps believe it or not! During that time, I was heavily inspired by three particular artists who are known as various forms “-eezy”. As a result, I adopted the name alongside my initials with a specific caveat. Being a grammar police academy graduate, there’s no way I would ever accept “DC EEZY” on paper. Hence DC EASY came to be.

As my personal journey continues, I’ve also adopted the philosophy that the easy part of anything usually comes at the end after all the hard work is finished. Though the motivation behind “EASY” has changed, the name remains the same.

Why Do HWEL For Yourself?

Because every goal worth reaching comes with a long journey, and because success is not without sacrifice and struggle. As a result, you deserve to enjoy not just the journey itself, but everything there is to be gained by seeing it through to the end. To do H.W.E.L. is to be well while navigating through these dynamics no matter where circumstances lead you. Read more about what the HWEL acronym looks like conceptually here.

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