HWELness 101… What is H.W.E.L.

Wealth…Peace… Happiness.. Success.. Friends, and family…

In my early 20’s, I always found myself thinking “if only things like these were just handed to me on a silver platter, life would be much easier!”. I went through the majority of this decade in my life in stereotypical fashion. Partying the earlier years away while finishing my undergrad, eventually transitioning, and finding a job after college succumbing to “adult life”.

Somewhere during that transitional period, I reflected… A lot! I took time to look back and compare what my life was like at 18 versus what it turned into at 25. Most importantly, I focused what I didn’t have at 18, everything I had gone through from 18 until 25, and the new opportunities I had access to as a result of my trials, and accomplishments during that time period. It was during these moments of reflection that my mindset changed, and the HWELness concept (pronounced “wellness”) was born. In my opinion now, life wouldn’t be as valuable if the things we want the most didn’t come without having to work for it.


This is the blood, the sweat, and the tears you give above and beyond what’s required to be successful. The extra hours spent at on your craft instead something recreational. The selflessness in giving your last and then some to someone else. Finding a way to will yourself from 110% to 111% and beyond


This is the return on investment from taking the hardest path and seeing it through until the end. It’s seeing Kobe Bryant score 81 points in a single basketball game. It’s when “I got your back” ascends into “I’d take a bullet for you”. It’s seeing Barack Obama getting elected as President, or legalizing gay marriage in a predominantly Christian society. Simply put, the HWELness concept can be phrased as “you get out what you put into it”.

As of today, I’m 29 (Technically 28, but my birthday is next month so I’m rounding up). I recently moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco and I’m rebuilding my life from the ground up. This blog will simply display the HWELness concept and its results as it relates to my life. I simply hope that all who come across my journey as I display it will be inspired. Lastly, in case you’ve been wondering, the HWEL is pronounced “well”.


#HardWorkEasyLiving – Do HWEL for yourself

Author: DC_EASY

From Rochester, NY to California. Living for today, planning for tomorrow, and appreciating my past from the rearview.

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