Mindset is Everything, Especially Where it Matters Most

A silhouette of a head with gears inside and the phrase "mindset is everything".

In the pursuit of any goal, and especially personal development goals, mindset is everything and is a determining factor on which success or failure rests. Playing a part every step of the way, mindset influences the beginning, middle and end of any journey.

The great thing is mentality can be changed, and rather quickly under the right circumstances. We see this often in sporting events where a team begins to comeback from a substantial deficit. The change from a losing to winning outlook completely shifts the atmosphere and mood among both the team and its fans in only a few moments time.

The effects of a mindset shift don’t stop in the sporting arena. Mindset is everything in nearly every arena of life and critical in deciding outcomes before they happen. Here are a few reasons why this is the case.

1. Mindset is Everything as a Foundational Building Block

As a cornerstone of personal growth, your way of thinking toward anything at any point in time generally plays a role in how you respond. When mindset finds itself in a positive space, you tend to respond positively in various ways and vice-versa in a negative space.

Going a step further, it could be argued that changing someone’s mindset may change the person themselves. At a fundamental level, mindset includes the ideas held about any particular topic or entity. The movie “Inception” is a great example depicting how a single idea can ultimately influence the trajectory of one’s life if rooted deep enough.

In very simple terms, mindset makes up the foundation on which action occurs. In some cases, it’s catalyst driving our present actions. In other cases, it charts the course determining actions we’ll take in the future. As with everything in life, building on a solid foundation is key and in terms of personal growth, a healthy mindset is as good as bedrock.

2. Mindset is Everything as a Matter of Health

If mindset is everything as an essential building block, why then wouldn’t our health be affected by it in both the short and long term? In fact, we see the correlation between mindset and overall health played out in society more often than we think.

The relationship between mindset and health especially manifests itself in our approach to areas such as exercise and dieting. It almost goes without saying that our way of thinking toward any particular approach to dieting and exercise heavily influences, if not entirely dictates our willingness to try. This happens regardless of potential or actual benefits.

In real life terms, mindset as a matter of health impacts several areas of our lives including mood, stress, pain, body composition, and overall lifespan in the long term. Stating things more plainly, approaching health and well being with a poor mindset is sure to yield less than optimal results. Conversely, a positive mindset plays an essential role, helping us to be the absolute best version of ourselves possible.

3. Mindset is Everything Because it’s Always a Work in Progress

While mindset heavily influences the decisions we make, as previously mentioned it can also be heavily influenced under the right circumstances. The easiest way this occurs is through new information and events holding the potential to change sentiment. The stock market is a classic example of this relationship. Generally speaking, positive news and events increase investor optimism. This in turn increases demand for a stock resulting in higher prices. Negative news and events hold the opposite effect.

Of course the biggest issue regarding information and events is that they’re both constantly changing, and completely unpredictable. This is where ongoing development of mindset comes into play. While many factors throughout life remain beyond our control, we can actively work on aspects like mindset that remain within our control. This way, we’re able to effectively navigate the ever changing climate of growth and decline.

While having a positive outlook despite all actual and speculative circumstances is ideal, it’s realistically an impossible expectation to have. As a result, we’re tasked with constantly having to guard and develop our thoughts, feelings and responses regardless of what we’re presently facing, or may face in the future.


The notion that mindset is everything seems obvious, but is often more abandoned than the concept deserves. As with all other fundamental ideas, it’s great practice to recall this tenet early and often. Doing so could be the difference maker at any point along your personal development journey.



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Author: DC_EASY

From Rochester, NY to California. Living for today, planning for tomorrow, and appreciating my past from the rearview.

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